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Practical Philosophy


Selected Philosophical Quotations and Commentary

Abraham Kaplan: On Pragmatism

Abraham Kaplan: Freud and Modern Philosophy


Significant Psychological Change

On The Absurd Notion of Burying Freud

On Significant Psychological Change

Indicators of Significant Psychological Change

Further Observations on Significant Psychological Change

Practical Examples of Significant Change In Fiction & Non-Fiction

Imagery, Bulimia, and Schizophrenia

Something Out of Nothing Something Out of Nothing · Added January 5th, 2001
Journal On Keeping a Personal Journal · Added January 5th, 2001
Coping Coping With Fear · Added June 5th, 2002
Coping Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Spirituality · Added December 16th, 2006
Coping The First Year of a Successful Eleven Year Psychoanalysis · Added February 11, 2007.


Substance Abuse

A Strategy for the Control of Drug Addiction

Preventing Substance Abuse: A Proposal

Effectively Treating Substance Abuse

Psychodynamics of Spirituality: The Higher Power and the Personal Unconscious

Organizing Concepts: An Addendum to Spirituality Paper

On Learning to Tolerate My Own Frustration



Prologue to the Synchronicity Paper

The Psychodynamics and Use of Meaningful Coincidences

Towards a Science of Synchronicities: Their Meaning and Therapeutic Implications

Reflections On Jung's Seminal "SCARAB" Synchronicity

Addendum to the Synchronicity Paper

Synchronicity Bibliography I.

Synchronicity Bibliography  II.


Recommended Reading from Gibbs

Some Seminal Books That Have Aided My Life

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