Indicators of Significant Psychological Change
Gibbs A. Williams, Ph.D.

Significant psychological change is hard won but it is attainable. The following are representative indicators signifying psychological change has or is on the way to being attained. The characteristics on the left hand side are starting points. The characteristics on the right hand side are desired goals.

Continuums of Change
Guarded to    Spontaneous
Foggy to    Clear
Weighted Down to    Light Hearted
Frivolous to    Serious
Narrow to    Broad
Insecure to    Confident
Scattered to    Focused
Indirect to    Direct
Superficial to    Substantial
Tied up in knots to    Free
Reactive to    Purposeful
Automatic to    Conscious
Inauthentic to    Authentic
Incohesive to    Cohesive
Aimless to    Committed
Unbalanced to    Balanced
Extreme to    Middle level
Intelligent to    Understanding
Rigid to    Firmly flexible
Jerky to    Flowing
Chaotic to    Ordered
Dissonant to    Harmonious
Static to    Kinetic
Negative inertia to    Positive inertia
Burdened to    Challenged
Fearful to    Courageous
Wishy-washy to    Resolute
Split to    Whole
Impulsive to    Reflective
Glib to    Thoughtful
Indirect to    Direct

Gibbs A. Williams Ph.D.
© 1999