The Phenomena, Awe Response, Implications, Explanations,Use

I am a psychoanalytic psychotherpist practicing in New York City for the past thirty-five years.Additionally I also have been investigating the mystery and challenge of meaningful coincidences (synchronicities)for forty years. The title above is a book in progress summarizing my research on this subject.

Since this subject may be viewed from a number of different perspectives I would be most interested in your experience of them.In this connection I have designed the following two surveys. The first survey is especially for patients in psychotherapy who bring this up as treatment material. The second survey is especialy designed for psychotherapists who respond to this material in therapeutic sessions.

Synchronicity (Meaningful Coincidences)Survey for Psychotherapists

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1) Do you have patients who report meaningful coincidences? If so - what do you do with the material?


2) Among patients who present synchronicities are you aware of any common themes, core problems, similar complaints (symptoms)?If you diagnose your patients: do those who present synchronicities fall under the same or similar categories?


3) Are you aware of the literature in this area?


4) If you have been impressed by any of your patient's coincidences would you please describe them.


5) What is the most impressive coincidence you have heard from a patient?


6) If you have had any meaningful coincidences please describe it or them. Include when it occurred, where it occurred and who you were with.


7) What was the most impressive coincidence that has ever happend to you?


8) What was the first meaningful coincidence you remember? When did it occur? What made it memorable for you? If you happen to know the context it was experienced please detail the particulars. For example: what was going on in your life? Can you recall any psychological problems at the time?


9) Describe your reaction to these events. {Emotional and intellectual}


10) Describe your reactions to your reaction(s). For example: it you were awe struck what was your reaction to being awe struck?


11) State any implications that might have been derived from your experience. For example: the coincidence appears to confirm a belief in being guided by some external source.


12) If you have any theoretical explantion for these events please state it or them.


13) List any questions possibly raised as a result of your personal or professional experiences of synchronicities.


14) If you feel or believe that the synchronicity contains a 'message' please answer the following: Where is the location it is coming from, who or what is the sender, what is the nature of the message (information), why does it appear to be coded, how best to break the code?


15) Are you able to put the message to practical use? If so, how and to what use?


16) If you have had or no of any other synchronicities feel free to describe them.


17) List additional comments, observations, questions etc.


18) Might you be interested in receiving information about a forth coming book titled: UNDERSTANDING MEANINGFUL COINCIDENCES (SYNCHRONICITIES) - THE PHENOMENA, AWE RESPONSE, IMPLICATIONS, EXPLANATIONS, USE ? If so please send me your name, e mail and or regular address to gibbs@gibbsonline. com and I will notify you.




I am a psychoanalytic psychotherapist practicing in New York City for the past thirty-five years. One of my specialties is crisis intervention. I am available to provide psychotherapy with individuals, and groups such as companies in Manhatten. Additionally I am available to therapists, counselors, social workers and other professionals seeking expert training in implementing effective crisis intervention.

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