Organizing Concepts
An Addendum to Spirituality Paper

Gibbs A. Williams, Ph.D.


Stuckness: {inability to move ahead or behind} generates a need for a theory Models of the Mind (Maps of the psyche)

The Reflex Arc
1. Behaviorism: Stimulus/Response (S-R)

2. Depth Psychology: Stimulus/Organism/Response (SOR) - Psychodynamics

1. External: ''objective'', consensually validated; location of the Higher Power, (God as you understand him) - Absolute Reality;

2. Internal Reality: ''subjective'', contextual, immanent - psychodynamic reality

Exploring The Contents of The 0 in SOS (Inner Reality)
(a) feelings, thoughts, judgments/action

(b) Structural Theory (Six Points Of View To Describe Behavior): Dynamic, Economic, Topographic, Structural, Adaptive, Genetic (developmental). A Basic Principle: pleasure principle versus the reality principle.

The Self:
(Narcissism) - Healthy to pathological
Definition of the self: Something solid at the core which endures in the midst of internal and external confusion. Self esteem - self esteem regulation (an active process of self esteeming) - self and ego boundaries: spatial boundaries (differentiating internal from external reality); time boundaries (differentiating linear: past, present, future clock time, from durational time , vacation time); differentiating contents of consciousness: feelings, thoughts, judgments,/ actions; and differentiating levels of consciousness.

Levels of Consciousness:
Topography of the Psyche: consciousness (awake and aware), pre conscious, unconscious, - a continuum of consciousnes ranging from ordinary everyday consciousness - to a variety of altered states of consciousness.

Levels of Consciousness of Substance Abusers:
A continuum of consciousness ranging from illusory inflation consciousness (grandiosity: illusory omnipotence and or omniscience, invulnerability, pseudo self sufficiency, perfection to deflation, highly vulernerable , passive, depedent, help, hopeless, depairing, "hitting bottom."

Mental and emotional states associated with transformative experiences of addicts: Confusion - (a reaction to unyielding realistic limitations). Deflation consciousness (a fall, hitting bottom, hopeless / helpless, unworthy, isolated)- generating a need to be rescued, guided, symbiotic consciousness. Separating out to gain control and aspiring to live a life of significance (spiritual consciousness: Transcendent "Higher Power" consciousness / psychodynamic consciousness - putting it all together/ synthetic consciousness (integrated, centered, focused, response-able).

Additional Terms:
Cathexis, Cathexis of cathexis (consciousness of consciousness); transformational object / transformational experience; emotional or experiential logic; psychological pain, stress (tension) anxiety (fear); stress management; frustration, frustration , frustration intolerance (frustration about frustration); impulse, instinct, coping. Perspectives: intrapsychic, interpersonal, and systems.

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